1. Can I walk the 12 km?

You can walk the 12km event; however this isn’t something we recommend! The same time cut offs will still apply, meaning you will need to be able to walk at over 6km/per hour for 2 hours.

2. Can I enter on the day?

Absolutely!  Entries will be taken on the day at the registration tent from 6.30am, right up until your chosen event starts.

3. What happens if I register and then don’t do the event?

Never fear! You don’t need to notify the organisers if you are unable to participate on the day. Your number plate and timing tag is disposable so you don’t need to return them to us. However, unfortunately you can’t transfer your number plate to another person to use.

4. What if I lose my race number?

If you lose your race number between when you receive/collect it and the start of the race, don’t worry! Feel free to contact us on the email address for your local run (see Contact Us page).

5. What will the payment show up as on my credit card?

Your credit card statement will show Cotton On Foundation as the debtor.

6. Is my registration fee tax deductible?

Your registration fee is not tax deductible. While the whole of your registration fee goes directly to the local cause, you are participating in an event and thus receiving a service. Therefore, it does not qualify as a tax deduction.

7. Can I use my iPod/MP3 Player on course?

We encourage you not to wear headphones to listen to music on the day for a couple of reasons; Aside from it being a bit unsafe, we don’t want you missing out on all the amazing atmosphere of the events, or any of our great course entertainment along the way.

8. Can I bring my dog or other pet to run/walk with me?

Unfortunately for safety reasons, animals aren’t permitted on the course. No running, walking or crawling for Lassie … sorry!

9. Can I ride my bike alongside a friend who is running?

For safety reasons, unfortunately bikes, skateboards and rollerblades are not permitted on any of our courses.

10. Can I push a pram in the event?

Prams and wheelchairs are the only wheels we can allow on the course. Therefore, bikes, skateboards and rollerblades will have to wait for another day!

11. I have a toddler, do they have to pay?

Kids under 12 years do still need to register and their $8 entry fee is donated straight to the local cause.

12. What should I wear?

Runners – comfy running gear and shoes suited to running on road surfaces come highly recommended! We recommend that you wear clothing that you’ve trained in before, and are confident that it won’t cause you any problems.

Walkers – wear something comfy that will carry you through your 6km event.

Race Day

Checklist for event day … don’t leave home without the following bits and pieces!

  • Running / walking shoes
  • Running / walking clothing
  • Warm clothes to change into (rain jacket if required)
  • A bag to put your clothing in if you intend to use the bag storage area
  • Race plate (bib)
  • Money for post-event refreshments & snacks
  • Event info … that way you’ll know where to go, where to park and all that fun stuff!
13. Where can I leave my bag?

There will be a designated area for you to leave your bags on event day. If all of your belongings are in a closed bag that is clearly marked with your race number, then feel free to drop it off at the bag security area and we’ll take good care of it! Remember not to leave valuables in your bag.

14. Will there be a warm up?

Yes, and boy are we excited about it! There will be an aerobics warm up prior to the 12km and 6km run events and we promise it will be a whole lot of fun! Check your local run page for times and locations.

15. Will I be timed during my event?

We’ll be using an electronic timing system to time all participants running events (you’ll find this attached to the back of your race plate), as the 6km walk is a non-competitive event it won’t be timed.

16. Where can I find my results?

Results will be in the local paper on the Monday after event day as well as available on your local run website page in the few days following the event. http://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/