Run Geelong is nearly here!

The Top Ranking Schools by Entries

 School  Entries
Montpellier Primary School 164
St Roberts Primary School 106
Ocean Grove Primary School 101
Clairvaux Catholic School 94
Geelong Grammar 70
Drysdale Primary School 61
Christian College Geelong 50
Chillwell Primary School 47
Fyans Park PS 43
Holy Spirit School 26
Oberon High 20
Bellaire Primary School 14
St Joseph’s College Geelong  12
Newcombe Secondary School  12
The Geelong College  10


Make sure you get your school friends to register to move your school up the list, or to keep your spot!

To get someone to register for your team, pass them on the following information:

1. Head to

2. Select Geelong as your City

3. Select School as your Registration Type

4. Search for your school name

5. Select your school

So get your friends to Register Now and get your team into the top 10!


To find the top teams list click here.