Want to go that extra mile for your community? We’d love to have you on board as a volunteer!

From being the first to greet thousands of runners, to cheering them on as they hit the track, whatever you do as a Run Australia volunteer, you’ll be at the heart of it all, creating life-changing experiences for everyone – including yourself.


You are more than welcome to volunteer with us if you can answer “Yes” to all of these questions:

  • Are you 16 years of age or older? If you’re under 16 years olds and want to volunteer, do you have a guardian who can accompany you?
  • Can you commit to attending the whole shift, which may include a pre-event orientation sesh? We need our volunteers to be superstars – that means showing up on time, staying until knock off time and ensuring you nail your role on the day!
  • Will you thoroughly read the information we share with you about your shift?

So what are you waiting for?

Apply to Volunteer Ballarat

Apply to Volunteer Geelong